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No Show Protection: From now we require all clients to enter a card when booking online and accept our Moderate Policy, with 50% fee to cancel within 12 hours, and 100% no show fee.  You won't be charged when you book online, payment will be collected in store after your appointment. The card details are securely encrypted with full PCI compliance, Kazanoo never have access to sensitive card numbers. We need to do this because a lot of people don’t turn up when they book.

Price  List:

Blow-dry                                                            Straight                       GhD Curls                 Curly              Brazilian Keratin           Botox Hair

Short Hair:                        21                        24              26                 75                      85

Medium Hair:                  24                        27              29                99                     109

 Long/Medium Thick:   27                        30               32               129                    139

Extension Hair:                 32                        35              38

(max 20 inch)

Very Long Hair:                   45                        48              51             add 50 to Long Hair

Kazanoo Hair Salon

Unit 7, Kiltartan House, Park Lane, Forster Street, Galway  Ireland

086 881 4510

Kemon, Olaplex, Cocochcoco, Keratin, Botox, Extensions, Highlights, BeautyWorks


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