Actyva Volume E Corposità Gift Set

Actyva Volume E Corposità Gift Set



Who's it For?

Thinning Hair

Set Contains:

Volume shampoo 250ml

Volume Conditioner 150ml

Volume leave-in bodybuilding spray 150ml

How to Use:

Volume shampoo 250ml:

Apply to the hairline in sections

Rake to distribute, from the hairline towards the top of the head

Massage with a circular motion

Emulsify, rinse and towel dry

Repeat if necessary

Volume Conditioner 150ml:

Apply on freshly washed and thoroughly toweldried ends and mid-shafts, massaging it in section by section

Comb to distribute. Leave in place 3 to 5 minutes

Emulsify and rinse thoroughly

Volume leave-in bodybuilding spray 150ml:

Distribute 2-4 pumps of product throughout freshlywashed and towel-dried mid-shafts, starting from the end

Comb to distribute. Style as usual. NB.

The optimal amount varies depending on hair length, thickness and degree of dryness or sensitisation