Sabbia Sand Yo Cond Kemon Tonning Cond, Color Bomb – 150ml

Sabbia Sand Yo Cond Kemon Tonning Cond, Color Bomb – 150ml




tonning cond, color bomb – 150ml

Proffesional High Quality products for home and salon use.

Yo Cond by Kemon – tonning conditioner.

Colour Bomb

Yo Cond is a treatment that nourishes and colours in one step. An innovative, easy-to-use product that in just 3 minutes gives hair extreme brilliance and deep nutrition while intensifying the tones and protecting the colour. The easy application of the product, the fast results and the immediate brillance of the hair. This is made possible by its innovative functional ingredient called CNE (Color Nourishing Enhancer), consisting of bamboo extract and direct colour pigments and enriched with yoghurt extract for added protection.

11 colors that cover the entire colour spectrum:

Colour no 1 –  Silver
removes unattractive yellow tones from grey hair. Eliminates yellow residue from streaks, turning them a lustrous white

Colour no 2 – Beige
a very delicate beige tone to soften yellow tones and create neutral, light blondes. Naturalises overly yellow streaks

Colour no 3 – Caramel
a colour with warm, deep tones to intensify all the shades of brown, it can be used to best effect in natural hair too

Colour no 4 – Hazelnut
to create natural and lustrous tones in dark blonde or blonde bases. Ideal for naturalizing level 6/7 streaks

Colour no 5 – Black
creates a magnificent grey tone in white hair. Ideal for maintaining a cosmetic black

Colour no 6 – Honey
brightens up golden tones in light blonde to platinum blonde hair. Revives streaks with a lustrous golden tone

Colour no 7 – Copper
to intensify and make copper tones uniform. To transform blonde streaks into a bright copper

Colour no 8 – Red
to intensify and make light and dark red tones brilliant. To revive and intensify red streaks and contrasts

Colour no 9 – Chocolate
a warm and rich brown for all warm tones, browns and mahoganies. To create attractive warm shades in natural hair

Colour no 10 – Violet
to intensify and enhance violet tones, creating a rich, deep violet-blue shade

Colour no 11 – Frosted Chestnut
to create natural tones eliminating warm shades. To create extreme brilliance by eliminating warm shades from natural browns


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